Evo Tapas Is Now Theory Vodka Bar

The swanky space emerges from an ownership shuffle with a clearer sense of purpose.

By Allecia Vermillion August 20, 2012


Voila...some loungey seating, new light fixtures, and a boatload of vodka. Photo via Chris Pardo.

 Last week, Capitol Hill Seattle blog reported that the soaring Evo Tapas Kitchen and Cabaret space on Olive Way shut its doors, just three months after launching. The issue: Evo ended up competing with, rather than complementing, the adjoined Social dance club space, owned by Laura Olson's Pterodactyl Group.

This morning a press release solved the mystery of what will become of the space, and also explained a few Instagram photos I saw this weekend of people quaffing the clear stuff at some place called Theory Vodka Bar. Yep, Olson says her company has reopened the former Evo as a cocktail lounge dedicated to this much-maligned spirit.

"Everybody's doing bourbon bars and whiskey bars right now," Olson says (don't forget rum bars and cider bars). "I love vodka and our clientele are pretty heavy vodka drinkers as well." Olson says she originally toyed with the idea of a vodka bar for that space, but set it aside when Pterodactyl decided to sublease the front lounge area to former Rosebud owner Todd Nordahl for his Evo concept. When last week's ownership changeup gave the company four days to reconcept, the idea resurfaced...quickly.

Theory will serve up vodka-based cocktails and flights (and yes, plenty of bourbon, rum, whiskey, tequila, and other beverages; there's even a "for those who cheat on vodka" cocktail list). Right now the vodka supply stands at roughly 75 bottles, and Olson says that number should grow to 250. A number of high-end specialty vodkas are on backorder, and the staff plans to host tastings and events to guage customer preferences to help round out the list.

Right now the food offerings are minimal--flatbread and a few other items designed to pair with vodka--but Olson promises more to come. Theory is named for the many theories surrounding the best way to make vodka, and it doesn't look too much different from Evo. The wallpaper is the same, some light fixtures are new, and taller shelves have been added to the middle of the bar to accommodate all those vodka bottles. Under the new program, the vibe will be quieter and more loungey, says Olson. Head down to the hall to the Social when you've had a few vodkas and want to kick things up a notch.


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