Lattice lighting at the Pink Door

It may be the only thing the Seattle Hard Rock Café has in common with Tamara Murphy’s global Capitol Hill sensation Terra Plata: They both seat diners up on the roof.

Murphy’s star-swept Terra Plata rooftop is under construction as I write this, but after a few weather-related delays it’s aiming for a mid-July opening. Located where Capitol Hill spills into downtown, the view will be an urban delight. Diners at the 60 seats will peer between the herb sprigs and lettuce leaves planted along the perimeter—chef’s garden!—into the surrounding neighborhood and toward downtown.

Til a condo shoots up next summer to obstruct the view. So go this summer.

Other rooftops around town? A surprising few. Lots of decks are technically part of someone’s roof— Osteria La Spiga, El Camino, the Westlake Tutta Bella, and others. Daniel’s Broiler in Bellevue has a deck like that, 21 stories up.

But Pike Place Market is rooftop central, with grandstand perches at that French happy hour favorite Maximilien, the centrally located Latin spot Copacabana, and of course, the classic by which all other dining rooftops are judged: the inimitable Pink Door.

As restaurant critic it is my responsibility to tell you that a Seattle summer without a visit to the Pink Door—the breeziest, viewiest, sexiest rooftop deck in town—is not a Seattle summer at all.

Surely that can’t be it. If you know of great rooftop tables, do share.