The Holy Mole taco, made with Theo Chocolate. Photo via Marination’s Facebook.

 It began with a Tweet, from Theo Chocolate to the ladies of Marination Nation: “Hey @curb_cuisine – If we combined forces, we could create a sexy mole taco.

A scant two weeks later, the Holy Mole was unleashed upon the food truck and restaurant’s legion of fans. And it’s been a hit. So much so that owners Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison decided to keep it on the menu through the end of this week.

Rather than being covered in the dark sauce, the taco’s chicken filling is marinated overnight in a mole of Theo Chocolate to impart that deep flavor without the messiness (sorry vegetarians, tofu doesn’t hang together during this marination process).

If you’re a fan of this particular creation, be vocal about it. Marination has been known to make a special menu item a permanent fixture if it inspires sufficient freakouts among customers (see: spicy pork torta).

The Holy Mole is at the truck and the Station through Sunday, July 29.
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