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A Kold-Draft ice machine at Macleod’s, Bourdain hits the Hill, and Orcas Island chef Lisa K. Nakamura pens a book.

By Brandon L. Bye July 5, 2012

Anthony hamming it up for the camera. Look for him doing the same in Capitol Hill.

Macleod’s Scottish Pub has a new cocktail menu courtesy of Bastille bar manager Erik Carlson. In addition to a variety of new spirits and mixers, Carlson has brought in a Kold-Draft machine, the favored ice maker of top bar folk.

Anthony Bourdain is coming to Seattle, but not for Top Chef. Bourdain’s 48-hours-to-experience-a-city-like-a-local TV show, The Layover, reportedly plans to hit up Dinette. In other Bourdain-related news, July 3 marked the release of his new graphic novel Get Jiro. Eater has a preview.

Chef Greg Lopez of Urbane has implemented a new menu utilizing Chinook Farms CSA. From each bundle of local produce and meats, Lopez and his crew create one appetizer, one main course, and sometimes a dessert; the menu is available on Mondays a la carte until rations sell out.

Chef Lisa K. Nakamura of San Juan Orcas Island restaurant Allium has written a book—but no, it’s not a cookbook. Bucky the Dollar Bill is an allegory about how local businesses and community kismet are intertwined (especially in small-town, tourist-based markets). The Seattle Times spoke with the chef and author.

Seattle-founded Red Robin plans to fire up patrons with burgers made with ghost peppers (supposedly the world’s hottest variety), Huffington Post reports. Just don’t let something like this happen if you venture to try it.

Are you a chef? Want to be on TV? High-pressure competitive cooking show Chopped is now casting in the Seattle area; tapings take place in NYC this fall and winter. More info is available on the Chopped website.

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