A big high five to the guy who ran out on his pie into this intersection to stop a runaway truck from rolling into anyone.

A patron at High 5 Pie saved the day by catching up with an empty truck that rolled through a busy intersection, says Capitol Hill Seattle blog. The man darted out from the pie shop to try to stop the locked vehicle already in motion: a noble attempt, but a bit like trying to keep the tide from coming in. A good samaritan passerby joined in the cause to stop the runaway. The two men eventually guided the car into a parking spot by Cafe Presse, where the occupants of the restaurant’s patio all cheered.

Josh Goldman, owner of the Lucky Devil Doughnut Co. truck, was bounced out of the Starbucks HQ parking lot for selling Lighthouse coffee, rather than the Mermaid’s product, according to KING 5. For now, Goldman has agreed to return and just sell his doughnuts.

The Washington Beer Blog salutes the 11 Washington breweries that medaled in the North American Beer Awards, a competition that allows regional brews to be judged against big-name beers like Killian’s and Blue Moon. The competition is conducted as a blind tasting. Redhook and Boundary Bay both bagged two golds apiece.

Eater Seattle reports on another Kickstarter endeavor, Outside the Box, Seattle’s first paleo (caveman) diet food truck. Cata Catering Company is halfway to its goal of raising $20,000 via Kickstarter.

Multiple sources have confirmed to Seattle Met that Top Chef is probably coming to Seattle; time to start staking out your local Whole Foods.

Seattle-area barmen Duncan Chase of Taste, Casey Robison of Heavy Restaurant Group (aka places like Barrio and Lot No. 3 ), and Jason Saura of Naga Cocktail Lounge have been selected to compete against 17 of the country’s top bartenders in the Diageo World Class U.S. Finale—a major competition and education program run by the spirits portfiolio giant. The bartenders will compete in four challenges next Tuesday, June 19 in New York City; the winner goes on to compete against 47 international bartenders for major industry honors and a global brand ambassador role.

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