Bacon in sandwich, croquette, brittle, and corn dog form will make an appearance at Local 360’s special porcine happy hour next Friday. Photo: Paul Kooiman

Bacon. It remains kind of a big deal. So much so that Local 360, Belltown’s haven of all things locavore, is doing a special happy hour, dedicated to all things cured pork. This orgy of bacon happens one week from today, on Friday, June 15, from 3 to 6. The ample happy hour menu gets baconated with special small plates like a wee BLT sandwich, with a pepper bacon Bloody Mary shooter, a breakfast bacon-potato croquette (served with a runny egg) and Senora corn dog, aka a hot dog wrapped in bacon, then dipped in a jalapeno corn batter and fried. The meat also appears in salads, wrapped around a saddle of rabbit, and in mousse form atop a carpaccio of English cucumbers. Most of these Lipitor-inducing delights cost between $4 and $9.

For those who prefer their bacon in beverage form, the porky drinks include an old fashioned made with bacon-infused bourbon and a 7-Grain Organic Stout from Portland’s Hopworks Urban Brewery, finished off with brown sugar-bacon syrup, whiskey from Fremont’s Mischief, and a garnish of bacon brittle. Yes, bacon-infused vodka also makes an appearance.

The pork comes from Oregon’s Carlton Farms, well within the 360-mile radius from which the restaurant takes most of its ingredients. Unlike most happy hours, this one takes reservations (and the Local 360 folks say that making one is a very good idea). Call them at 206-441-9360 or email [email protected]

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