Rautureau in the kitchen at Rover's.

Top Chef Masters returns with its fourth installment July 25, and today Bravo announced the lineup of well-regarded chefs who will face off in the soft-and-friendly version of regular Top Chef—all proceeds to go charity.

Seattle’s own Thierry Rautureau competed on season two of Masters and is back for more. Chicago and D.C. chef Art Smith is another repeat contender. The full lineup includes Chicago chef Takashi Yagihashi and offal whisperer Chris Cosentino of Incanto in San Francisco. Oh, and food writer Francis Lam is joining on as a judge, a development sure to inspire squeals from lady food geeks around the country (okay, fine, myself included).

Rautureau, proprietor of Luc and Rover’s, is a rigorously trained chef and a born showman, so set your DVRs, friends. Meanwhile, here’s a video previewing the new season.

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