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School the Chefs

This Saturday local celeb chefs team up with kids to create a delicious (and cheap) school lunch. Come watch.

By Anne Larkin May 11, 2012

This Saturday. the final showdown. Photo via Skillet.

Warning: This is going to make you wish you were still in grade school. To celebrate the progress that’s been made in the past couple years in the Seattle Public School lunch program, a pack of local celeb chefs will be teaming up with actual kids this Saturday in a competition to put together healthy, delicious, cost-effective lunches. The teams have to keep the cost per plate below $1.25, while still making it tasty enough to wow the likes of Joshua Henderson, Skillet bacon-jam master, and Leslie Mackie, Macrina’s pastry queen.

The event is a joint effort of the Next Fifty (which happens to be in the middle of Sustainable Futures, a two-month celebration of conservation) and good ol’ Tom Douglas, fresh off his big Beard win. It’s also a celebration of the improvements that have been made in the school lunch system since 2010, when the district got a grant that enabled them to seek out the aid of a local chef in overhauling the cafeteria, says Grist. And who could Seattle schools have chosen other than T-Doug?

Over the past few years some of Douglas’s chefs have logged some serious hours back in elementary school, testing out new recipes on kids and figuring out how to make $1.10—the amount allotted for food for each lunch—taste good and be good for growing kids.

Saturday’s event is free and open to the public, and everyone gets to sample one of the Douglas team’s cafeteria options, a curry with couscous, and cheer on their cheflets. And envy the fact that these kids got to spend the afternoon cooking with some of the best chefs in the city.

School the Chefs
Saturday May 12
Noon to 4
Seattle Center

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