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Neighborhood Food News: Oola Distillery Branches Out, a Macrina Remodel

Plus: A crackdown on Anita’s Crepes, David Lynch’s coffee in Fremont, karaoke at Ba Bar, and more.

By Brandon L. Bye May 23, 2012

The next time you’re browsing the shelves of a Chicago liquor store keep an eye out for Oola.

On Sunday the public health department cracked down on the Anita’s Crepes stand at the Ballard farmers market. The vendor was flagged for potentially hazardous foods at unsafe temperatures, inadequate hand washing facilities, and issues with vacuum packaging salmon. Anita’s can start spinning crepes once the inspector confirms that all issues have been resolved.

Macrina Bakery and Cafe is closed this week (reopening Saturday) for a remodel that will result in expanded seating. In the meantime, the cafe is operating an espresso cart stocked with pastries out front.

After being in production for less than one year, Oola Distillery is branching out. The micro distillery based at 1314 East Union Street is now available throughout Illinois.

Feel the need to stand up, stretch out, and perform for perfect strangers? If so, make for Ba Bar on Wednesday nights for Kung Fu Karaoke. Slurp on fishbowl cocktails, thumb through thousands of ditties, and command the disco-ball-laser-light stage from 10pm–1:30am.

New coffee stop the Naos Lounge is serving Twin Peaks creator David Lynch’s organic coffee, the only place in town doing so, according to Seattle Weekly.

As of June 2, Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita will begin offering a chef’s tasting menu known as Table 2 for 2. Two seatings are available Saturday and Sunday nights.

LloydMartin has launched a social hour that includes some enticing specials. To wit: Guests can get Spanish Catalonian black truffle shavings on any dish for $15. Chef Sam Crannell expects supplies to last about two weeks.

The Streamline Tavern played host to some bizarre antics Saturday night. An unruly woman disrobed and began sticking pieces of hot pink duck tape to her body before attacking the bartender, a bar-goer, and three police officers. She fled the scene, but was later arrested in the bathroom of a nearby combination KFC and Taco Bell, according to Seattle PI.

As June 1 nears, liquor privatization drama continues. QFC is wanting to prohibit private liquor stores from operating in the same shopping centers as some of its locations. The Seattle Times has the details.

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