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Flora Bakehouse Gives Seattle A Rooftop Patio Hangout on Beacon Hill

This charming outdoor space starts the day with pastries, then rolls into wine.

By Allecia Vermillion July 23, 2021

Coffee, spot-on pastries, and glasses of wine happen up here.

A patio on the roof of a bakery might seem an unlikely combo, but Flora Bakehouse owner Nat Stratton-Clarke is clearly onto something. This week, his newish spot on a quiet slope of Beacon Hill opened a rooftop hangout space every bit as charming and considered as the pastries downstairs.

A set of stairs past the Bakehouse’s counter leads up to an L-shaped combo of covered tables, plus a few open-air Adirondacks and a row of stylish picnic benches beneath string lights. It’s a space a full-service restaurant would envy—complete with a Mount Rainier view—but available for 7am coffee and croissants, or an excellent vegan breakfast burrito.

Not that coffee is your only option. The Bakehouse just expanded its hours to 8pm most days, and offers a few well-selected wines by the glass, plus more bottles in the cooler. While Flora’s glass pastry case can get awfully sparse by the evening, Ellary Collins—of the Boot Scootin Bread popup, also a Coyle’s Bakeshop alum—is devising a bread program, and a savory menu, to debut in early August. Which means that upstairs view could come with a snack plate, maybe burrata or pimento cheese, that centers on great bread.

Seattle’s population of rooftop patios is sparse, but growing, and this one feels like a proper destination, not just for mornings.

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