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Crumble and Flake: Go Early

The diminutive patisserie is selling out before lunchtime.

By Allecia Vermillion May 10, 2012

Neil Robertson’s creations are worth setting an alarm clock. Photo via Crumble and Flake.

Crumble and Flake opened this past Sunday, and Neil Robertson’s diminutive pastry shop on Olive Way has been busy. Really busy. “Selling out of everything by noon” busy.

The woman who rang up my purchase this morning suggested coming in before 10am to ensure a decent selection. The patisserie opens at 7 on weekdays and 9 on weekends; it’s likely to be packed this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. The handful of items I’ve tried thus far have all been pastry perfection. Especially the croissants, which are are, as advertised, both crumbly and flaky (and well worth a trip across town).

Robertson and his small staff run a tiny operation, and it’s likely that his salted peanut butter cookies, dainty scones, and cinnamon rolls wouldn’t be this incredible if he were churning out Franz-sized batches. During my visit, the pastry chef was too busy to chat as he pulled trays from ovens and replenished his glass cases.

Crumble and Flake has taken to Facebook and Twitter this week to announce when everything is sold out, and apologize for the scarce supply. But no apology necessary, as far as I’m concerned—part of supporting small-batch artisans is contending with those small batches. So, pastry fans, set your alarm clocks if you want to sample Crumble and Flake. And if you’re biding your time until the frenzy abates slightly, there are plenty of destination-worthy bakeries in this city to feed your pastry cravings.

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