First Look: Hunger Reopens Down the Hill

The former Dad Watson’s space gets a Mediterranean makeover.

By Allecia Vermillion May 24, 2012


Hunger still has a Fremont Ave address, but the formerly tiny Mediterranean-leaning restaurant now occupies spacious new digs in the heart of the neighborhood. After shuttering the original space earlier this month, owners Brian Brooks and Jaime Mullins-Brooks have reopened in the former Dad Watson’s space. Hunger 2.0 is about three times larger than the original, and couple is still downright giddy about all their newfound space, large enough to house all their ideas and ambitions.

The menu is significantly larger, including a lot more fresh seafood. Mullins-Brooks says the old kitchen setup made it difficult to properly prepare dishes like tuna, scallops, and halibut now available to diners. Brunch will return in a few weeks; right now the couple is busy training all the new staff (larger space = larger staff). A late-night menu is available until midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 11 the rest of the week. Happy hour remains 4 to 6, and the new back bar, relatively enormous compared with the old one, is stocked with an expanded array of booze.

Though the space is downright cavernous, it still feels like Hunger. Once Brooks and Mullins-Brooks hired a design team, the couple immediately invited them to dinner at the old Hunger, so everyone could get a feel for the cozy vibe they wanted to translate to the new space.

As for that exciting new staffer? The couple says they have four new cooks in the kitchen, and the couple says they decided “our staff is all equal and we’ve really created a family environment,” hence they’re hesitant to highlight any one person.

As soon as the weather cooperates, Hunger will fire up its spacious new patio,
sure to be prime alfresco real estate all summer long, but particularly during Solstice weekend. Meanwhile, check photographer Morgen Schuler’s slideshow of the space and one seriously come-hither burger.

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