Bouteloua Bakery Gets a New Name

The newly christened Wild Prairie Bakery will still serve gluten-free and vegan treats…and brunch.

May 16, 2012

Don’t worry, only the name is changing at Bouteloua Bakery (maker of this ganache-covered vegan cake). Photo via Facebook.

Bouteloua Bakery briefly alarmed a few of its Facebook fans recently with the announcement that it would no longer be Bouteloua Bakery as of May 24. Not to worry, owner Megan Jensen went on to explain—her much-adored destination for vegan and gluten-free treats is simply changing its name. Next week the shop will be known as Wild Prairie Bakery.

Jensen said the reason behind the name change is a prosaic one. “Word of mouth is probably my best advertising, so if people can’t tell other people what the name is, that’s not good.” Bouteloua is the dominant prairie grass in her homeland of western Nebraska, so the new moniker retains that homage, but will hopefully provide more clarity for all the fans who describe this place as “that B bakery.”

Because Jensen does indeed have fans. Her buns, croissants, and cakes inspire much rapture among people who must reconcile their love of baked goods with allergies and dietary restrictions. After the name change, Wild Prairie will also expand its offerings to include some savory breakfast and brunch items, like pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and a tofu scramble. Vegans have limited options in the ‘hood, says Jensen, “and sometimes a scone isn’t enough.” But she hopes her space on NW Market St, which is also getting a minor refresh on the decor, will be a neighborhood bakery for vegans and omnivores alike.

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