Serious Falafel

Tom Douglas’s Paramount Plans

It may or may not be falafel, but the omnipresent chef has long-term plans for a new cafe.

By Allecia Vermillion April 24, 2012

The falafel at Paris’s L’as du Fallafel, which Douglas described as the best falafel of his life. Photo via Tom Douglas Restaurants.

UPDATE: A Douglas rep says the team has been "rigorously testing and tasting" falafel for months and confirmed that a spot adjacent to the Paramount will open this fall. "There will be limited, cozy seating, and quick service and to-go wraps for commuters up and down Pine. Those who want to hang out can enjoy beer and wine with their falafels."

If you aren’t listening to Tom Douglas and Thierry Rauterau’s Rautureau’s newly returned Seattle Kitchen radio show (and podcast), you are missing out on an enjoyable source of chef musings, the inadvertent drama, and the occasional hint from Douglas about what he’s got in the works.

As Allison Austin Scheff noted last night, Douglas commented in this week’s installment that he’s “getting pretty close” to opening a falafel joint here in town. Though this morning Douglas said he meant “getting pretty close” in the broadest of terms: He has a plan, but no permits, architectural renderings, or many of the other logistical elements that come in handy when opening a restaurant.

According to T-Doug, “Our plan is to do a little cafe, though we’re not really sure if it’s going to be falafel or not." What he does know is that whatever this concept may be, it will be located at the Paramount Theatre at Ninth and Pine, where Douglas is the exclusive caterer, serving up pie to President Obama and feeding other event attendees.

It’s been just over a year since the chef and restaurateur took South Lake Union by storm. Douglas says he sometimes mentions ideas on the show to gauge how the public feels about them. So, public, how would you feel about a Tom Douglas falafel shop?

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