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Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

Le Gourmand extends its run, a new Derschang joint, Cafe con Leche opens, and more.

By Brandon L. Bye April 27, 2012

Bruce and Sara Naftaly at Le Gourmand

Cafe con Leche
Former restaurant-on-wheels Paladar Cubano is set to reopen as brick-and-mortar Cafe con Leche on May 1, according to press materials. Expect plenty of traditional dishes, including Cuban sandwiches plus Cuban-style coffee.

Med Mix
The Neighbor Lady isn’t the only new face at 23rd and Union. Med Mix is off and running, reports Central District News, serving everything from fried chicken and fish and chips to gyros and cheesesteaks.

Le Gourmand
Owners Bruce and Sarah Naftaly have answered the curtain call and moved the closing date of their restaurant from June 2 to June 30, reports The Stranger.

Pan Africa
According to Seattle Weekly, owner Mulu Abate promises not one but two new (neighboring) restaurants across the street from his now-closed Pan Africa. One, which will keep the name Pan Africa, will feature East African and Ethiopian dishes. The other, named Lovage, will offer soups, salads, and sandwiches—“it won’t have anything to do with African cuisine,” says Abate. Both places are expected to open this summer.

Tippe and Drague
Beacon Hill blog reports the formerly white Rockit Space building is now red —a sign the soon-to-be alehouse is inching closer to opening.

Linda Derschang has a new project planned for 19th Avenue East, according to Capitol Hill Seattle. Tallulah’s, named after Derschang’s daughter, will have a “very Capitol Hill vibe,” she told the blog. So, taxidermy and filament light bulbs? Damask wallpaper and mustachioed bartenders? We won’t know for awhile—the project is a year out from opening.

Tom Douglas Falafel
Tom Douglas has confirmed plans for open a falafel joint next to Paramount Theatre. The restaurant titan’s team has been engaging in some serious “testing and tasting” for months now, which puts the spot on track for a Fall opening.

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