Shift Change

Where’s Waldo Ian Cargill?

Spoiler alert: This talented barkeep is now at Vito’s and Tini Bigs.

By Allecia Vermillion March 27, 2012

Ian Cargill, here lending a hand at Where Ya At Matt’s gospel brunch. Photo by Naomi Bishop via WYAM.

Tracking the whereabouts of Seattle’s peripatetic bartenders should have a blog and Twitter feed all its own. Or, as Hanna Raskin put it, “I feel like we’re rapidly approaching drafts and salary caps.” But a bartender who is prolific with the classics and has a talent for booze creativity is a beautiful thing, and plenty of drinkers out there choose their watering holes based on the person behind the bar rather than the name on the door.

Today’s update: Ian Cargill, former lead bartender at Tavern Law and most recently at the Trophy Room at Shorty’s has two new gigs. One, noted here, is Tini Bigs, where you’ll find the barman on Sunday and Monday nights and dispensing classic cocktails during new Mad Men episodes. Cargill’s second new gig is at Vito’s, starting this weekend.

Vito’s manager Justin Gerardy sent around a note last night saying that the First Hill icon “has been re-opened for almost exactly a year and a half this week and we’re celebrating by hiring one of our favorite bartenders.” Cargill will be in the well Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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