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Slideshow: Ballard Coffee Works Opens on NW Market Street

Sebastian Simsch opens a new place to nerd out north of Ship Canal.

By Christopher Werner March 20, 2012


Ballard has landed itself another notable opening, but no, it’s not a bar or restaurant. Sebastian Simsch, proprietor of Seattle Coffee Works, has opened the doors of his Ballard offshoot, named, whaddya know, Ballard Coffee Works.

In a town filled with bean geeks, Simsch is a standout. His Pike Street cafe is reminiscent of a laboratory, so overrun is it with contraptions and rare javas. Coffee connoisseurs flock there as food folk do to James Beard—nominated restaurants. Needless to say, the opening is welcome news for residents of northern neighborhoods tired of having to schlep downtown for a buzz.

To have a look around the cafe, click through the slideshow.

All photos by photographer Lucas Anderson.

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