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Celebrate Mad Men’s Return with a Cocktail in Hand

Bako and Tini Bigs pay alcoholic homage to AMC’s boozy drama.

By Allecia Vermillion March 23, 2012

This can—and should—be you on Sunday night. Photo: AMC

Mad Men returns Sunday, after a tortuous 525-day hiatus, inspiring a few local establishments to get in on the cocktail-fueled action (just not this one).

At Tini Bigs, the martini-glassed drinks are a shade larger than the 1960s-sized versions Roger Sterling is so fond of, hence it’s not advisable to be completely period correct and consume them by the half dozen. The Queen Anne cocktail lounge is throwing a Mad Men premier party Sunday night, and will air every new episode this season.

Dress up in retro attire and classic cocktails from AMC’s instructional guide can be yours for just $6. Episodes will air at 9 and 11pm, with sound, so plan to actually watch. Oh, and hey, it looks like Ian Cargill has joined the crew here.

Meanwhile, Bako has been counting down the final days until the season premiere with some favorite classic cocktails of the show’s main characters, from Roger Sterling’s Gibson martini to Don’s old fashioned and Joan Holloway’s Tom Collins. Owner Keeman Wong says the staff did a bit of research on the AMC site and some other fan sites to determine character favorites (Pete Campbell is a Manhattan guy; Peggy Olson likes a white Russian, and Betty Draper drowns the sorrows of her unfulfilled suburban life with vodka gimlets). Wong designed his Broadway restaurant with the 1960s in mind…1960s Hong Kong, but presumably cocktail culture is universal.

Just don’t drink so much that you aren’t able to follow creator Matthew Weiner’s subtly secretive plot developments. Or pull a Freddie Rumson.

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