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Brave Horse Tavern Adds Breakfast

And by "breakfast" I mean "pretzel breakfast sandwiches."

By Allecia Vermillion March 6, 2012

Brave Horse Tavern’s wood-fired pretzels: Now (well, soon) in sandwich form. Photo: Olivia Brent

Brave Horse Tavern, that beery bastion of delicious pretzels and tipsy, shuffleboarding Amazonians, is launching breakfast service on March 28. Weekday breakfast will run from 8-11, while the hearty weekend brunch at the Tom Douglas gastropub (cheffed by Brian Walczyk) remains the same. In fact, you can read about it in this month’s issue.

So, breakfast. That’s cool. But wait—I totally buried the lede on this one. The new morning menu will include breakfast sandwiches made with Brave Horse’s signature insanely good pretzels. Yes, people: pretzel breakfast sandwiches. One such sandwich planned for the menu will include egg, house-cured ham, and white cheddar. I’m not exactly sure how the sandwich filling manages to stay within the twisty confines of the pretzel, but I’m certainly willing to find out.

Some of the brunch favorites, like the Brave Horse Breakfast, will be on the menu too, as well as a bread pudding French toast, pastrami hash, and—in case you prefer your food comas in the evening hours—healthier fare like the Horse Food, made with quinoa and granola from nearby Dahlia Workshop.

The pretzel sandwiches will be on the breakfast menu only, not brunch. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could arrange a Douglas-centric breakfast sandwich crawl that starts here, moves on to the recently rechristened breakfast sandwich haven Serious Biscuit, then over to Dahlia Bakery.

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