Philip Trickey is back at Rob Roy on Friday nights.

Let’s count down to the weekend with personnel matters at one of Seattle’s most talent-packed bars, shall we? Well known writer-barman Andrew Bohrer, he of the cocktail cartography, booze blogging, and entertainingly ranty Twitter feed, is stepping away from the bar to become spirits director for Vinum Importing. Bohrer was the man who made Seattle (and the country at large) sit up and take notice of MistralKitchen’s bar program, but most recently he’s been tending at Rob Roy on Friday nights.

The timing worked out nicely, because Philip Trickey, an early hire by Rob Roy owner Anu Apte, was looking to pick up more shifts as he returned from paternity leave. Trickey spends the rest of his week at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, but a night a week at a more classic spot, he says, helps him retain his edge. His first shift back at Rob Roy is February 17.

Bohrer hasn’t given up bartending entirely. When Vessel reopens in its new location in the next few months, he plans to work a monthly. He also has a book in the works.

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