Ballard Ave's Utter World Dominance

Bar-Staurant The Gerald Opens Late March in Ballard

Two local boys make good in the form of classic cocktails and comfort food.

By Allecia Vermillion February 29, 2012

Owners Kevin Rothrock and Elliot Westwater in front of their soon-to-be establishment. Photo courtesy of Jodi Smith.

Just in case you thought the onslaught of new bars and restaurants on Ballard Ave was slowing down, here’s a new mid century modern–inspired bar-staurant called The Gerald that plans to open its doors in late March (target date: March 23) at 5210 Ballard Ave NW.

The owners, Kevin Rothrock and Elliot Westwater, are Garfield High alums who previously lived in Montana (a state that has been quite an inspiration to our local drinking community). Jodi Smith, Westwater’s fiancée and de facto spokeswoman for the new establishment, likens to vibe to “the essence of the Mad Men nostalgia popularity right now,” with “classic hand-crafted cocktails of yesteryears.”

The menu has mid-century comfort food overtones; the examples in a recent press release include fancy mac and cheese, fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, and devils on horseback. There’s also talk of cocktail and food pairing recommendations. The Gerald will be open from 4pm to 2am Tuesday through Saturday and—attention hung over people of Ballard—Sunday brunch.

Rothrock and Westwater initially had a different name in mind, but settled on The Gerald as a nod to the address’s previous occupant, T-shirt shop Elephants Gerald. And, says Smith, Gerald was the 60-something most popular name back in the 1960s. So there you have it.

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