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Pagliacci Gets A Ridiculously Fancy Coke Machine

The Coke Freestyle machine that caused a media uproar last spring arrives on Broadway.

By Allecia Vermillion January 4, 2012

This humble device provides more than 100 drink combinations. Some more palatable than others.

Why am I writing about a soda machine? Because people seem to get inordinately excited about this one, that’s why. As CHS posted yesterday, Pagliacci Pizza’s Broadway location has installed a Coca Cola Freestyle machine. These mind-bending devices dispense caffeinated, carbonated, and often caloric soft drinks in more than 100 combinations. Thanks to an array of push buttons on a screen, soda seekers can create crazy hybrids such as peach-flavored Sprite Zero, or Caffeine-Free Diet Coke with a flavor shot of vanilla. Whether or not such combinations sound appetizing is your call.

Pagliacci owner Matt Galvin says the new machine arrived the week before Christmas, and one member of the pizzeria’s crew has already sampled 57 combinations. Given the positive response from customers, he’s planning to install Freestyles at Pagliacci’s Queen Anne and University District locations in the future.

The Coca Cola Freestyle arrived in the Northwest this past March, via two Taco Time locations. Its debut received a shocking amount of news coverage considering this is, after all, just a fancy soda machine. Burger King even announced it will install Freestyles in all of its US restaurants, and if that’s not enough Freestyle love for you, the things have their own damn Facebook page.

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