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Full Tilt’s New Flavor: Cornflakes

Consider it an ice cream homage to New York City’s Milk Bar.

By Stephanie Rubesh January 10, 2012

Tastes like sweet milk, smells like sweet milk—it is sweet milk. Just in frozen form.

Full Tilt Ice Cream is taking a page from Milk Bar, Christina Tosi’s much-loved dessert offshoot of David Chang’s restaurant empire. Owner Justin Cline, already known for his unconventionally awesome flavors, has been finalizing a new addition. Behold, cornflakes ice cream: the taste of sugary bottom-of-the-bowl cereal milk now in dessert form. Cline says the flavor, a play on Milk Bar’s famed cereal milk and its attendant ice cream, has been a hit thus far.

The ice creamery’s initial batch—complete with caramelized cornflakes—is going fast. But we’re in luck. Another batch is being churned and will be available at all Full Tilt locations this weekend (including the new Ballard shop). “From the small test batches we’ve done, I think this is going to be a summer favorite,” says Cline. Black sesame and chocolate tarragon are also in the works.

"But it’s January," whines my practical side. Hush. This flavor promises to be as exciting in the 40-degree present as it will be in the theoretical 75-degree future.

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