Shift Change

A New Chef for Canon

Tavern Law’s Andrew Cross takes over, but the buns remain.

By Allecia Vermillion January 23, 2012

Another departure from Tavern Law; a new food program at Canon.

Canon, a little bar on 12th Avenue that you’ve probably heard of, has a new chef. Per the Twitters, Andrew Cross arrived on Friday to take over the kitchen. He didn’t have far to move; Cross previously worked just up the street at Tavern Law, right up until the night before he reported for duty at his new job. Cross was, according to Canon owner Jamie Boudreau, the kitchen manager and lead cook over there. Before that, he worked in the kitchen at Canlis.

While Cross is still settling in, Boudreau says patrons can expect the menu to expand, change more frequently, and offer more specials and food pairings. He’s also hoping for more special dinners like Canon’s New Year’s Eve celebration and, as soon as it’s feasible, brunch.

“It’s our goal to have our guests talk about the food as much as they have our drinks,” says the barman, a lofty goal considering the roster of behind-the-bar talent, and the love that has rained down on Canon since it opened. Boudreau was also quick to note that the pork belly buns, an item so in demand at Canon that they are listed at the top of the menu inside a thick black box, aren’t going anywhere.

Boudreau says that Canon’s opening chef, Melinda Bradley, left to pursue another career, but he was “pleased with the direction that she has steered our ship.”

Cross isn’t the only Tavern Law alum that’s changed things up lately. Former lead bartender Ian Cargill now spends his weekends running the Trophy Room over at Shorty’s.

In totally unrelated (but still enjoyable) Canon news, partner Andrew Fawcett informed me that the bar called in a former BBC announcer to record its voice mail message. So next time you find yourself with a moment to spare during daytime hours, dial 206-552-9755 and revel in the fact that everything sounds more classy with a British accent.

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