Shift Change

Tavern Law’s Ian Cargill Moves On

Find him at his own private bar inside circus-themed Shorty’s.

By Allecia Vermillion December 28, 2011

Former Tavern Law lead bartender Ian Cargill is headed to Shorty’s. Photo via Facebook.

As tweeted by ever-imbibing Seattle Times cocktail writer Tan Vinh, Tavern Law’s lead bartender, Ian Cargill, has left the building. Starting December 29, you can find Cargill at the Trophy Room at Shorty’s, tending what amounts to his own private bar. He will be sequestered amidst all the pinball, the hot dogs, and directly across from a very exposed men’s room door in the circus-themed Belltown dive’s sumptuous little bar-within-a-bar.

Cargill will be here playing his trade on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, as of this weekend. “I’m hopeful that there can be a nice little watering hole hidden behind the pinball machines and clowns,” he says. He’s the only one working that back bar in the Trophy Room, so placing yourself in one of the bar’s oversized chairs is to essentially enter his personal drinking domain.

A Tavern Law rep declined to give any specifics on any new staffing scenarios over there, but Vinh is apparently moonlighting as the establishment’s HR guy via Twitter for those of you tracking who’s making drinks where. But Cargill’s not giving up Capitol Hill entirely; his plans include picking up some shifts at Tommy Gun come January.

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