Bizarre Moments in Drinking

The Herbfarm’s Purloined Port

A fine diner at the Woodinville restaurant liberated an 84-year-old bottle from its cellar this Saturday.

September 13, 2011

The scene of the crime.

Photo: The Herbfarm

Herbfarm owner Ron Zimmerman reports via Twitter that he is "in the market for a bottle" of 1927 Graham’s Port after a guest at his fine-dining destination restaurant guzzled a display bottle that she had removed from the wine cellar.

Zimmerman wrote that the woman plucked the wine from the cellar while returning from the restroom after dinner, and apparently claimed she thought guests were invited to sample cellar holdings freely. Very freely: According to Zimmerman, she drank 40 percent of the bottle.

The Woodinville restaurateur says replacing the bottle will run him $200 $2,000; 1927 was a storied year for Portuguese fortified wine. Read the whole sordid tale on his Twitter feed.

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