The bar at Little Water Cantina

Photo: Little Water Cantina via Facebook

First of all, there’s the happy hour at the upstairs bar at Madison Park Conservatory, which MP residents in particular should be tickled by.

But also, I wanted to call your attention to some other happy hour situations that may not be on your radar.

Joining Poppy and Panevino in the category of Best HHs on Broadway is Samurai Noodle. All three locations of the ramen restaurant offer HH from 3 to 6pm daily; on Capitol Hill the discount menu features three separate combos at three price points: $5, $8, and $12. Visit their site for details.

The Broadway noodlery also has a number of sake options and a menu of sake cocktails offered at the bargain price of $3.50. Sapporo, Manny’s, and Mac and Jack’s are on tap.

Meanwhile over in Eastlake, Little Water Cantina has added a weekend happy hour to compliment its 4–6pm deals Tuesday through Thursday. Saturdays and Sundays, it is serving the full menu until 10pm, then turning things over to an HH selection that includes—oh lordy—$2 El Jimador tequila shots. (At least you’ll be shooting the good stuff, since Casa Herradura, which makes El Jimador, went back to using 100-percent agave in 2007. Word to the wise: When a bar offers specials on shots of tequilas marked “mixto,” it’s basically trying to kill you by way of hangover. Still, even if it’s the pure stuff you’re shooting after 10pm on a Saturday, please take a cab home.)