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A clothes closet feels spacious by comparison, but this International District ramen-ya (along with its sibling on the Ave) is a near-perfect rendition of the tiny noodle shops of Japan. At lunch, lines inevitably trail out onto the sidewalk. About 20 diners touch knees under tiny tables. The steamy aroma of cooking noodles and savory broth is tantalizing. Offbeat ramen presentations, like soups flavored with chili-hot chicken stock or miso, are fun, but the star is unquestionably the tonkotsu ramen. A massive ceramic bowl of creamy, buttery soup sloowww-distilled from pork bones, swirls with braids of thick al dente ramen, slices of pork, and nibbles of green onion and mushrooms. Diners lean over to inhale the heady perfume, then dig in, slurping in ecstatic joy. On a chilly, drizzly day, there is simply no better lunch in Seattle.

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Dinner, Lunch
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Child Friendly, Takeout