Nosh Pit Field Trip

Froyo Face-Off

A troop of tasters hop a Subaru and try out four of Seattle’s newer weigh-and-pay hangs.

By Christopher Werner September 20, 2011


For years Californians have obsessed over froyo, now it’s Seattle’s turn. In the past eight months self-serve shops have colonized practically every corner—and plenty more are in the pipeline. As Tim Riley, who just opened Peaks Frozen Yogurt Bar in Bellevue, put it, "What we’re seeing now is the start of the firestorm."

Funny thing is, they’re all essentially clones of one another. Neon is the color scheme of choice, and sparkly, spa-like tiles the standard trimmings. Cutesy mascots pepper the surroundings, so spotless they verge on sterile. Patrons—a gaggle of chicks, guaranteed—giggle with a kid-in-the-candy-store trill as they sample kiwi this and mango that. "It’s Disneyland," Riley offers as a spot-on observation.

But the product, is it the same, too?

With that question in mind, a handful of recruits ditched work and pigged out at four of Seattle’s more popular froyo spots. Which was our favorite? Click through the slideshow to come along for the ride.

All photos by photographer Lucas Anderson.

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