Zane Lamprey and the crew of Drinking Made Easy shoot around Seattle.

Photo: Drinking Made Easy

UPDATE: Rob Roy owner Anu Apte describes Tuesday night’s shoot:
Zane Lamprey and his crew set up quickly and he jumped right in. He was very nice and professional but as soon as the cameras started rolling the silliness began. He made an Orchard Fizz, a drink containing egg white and yogurt that is on our menu. He carved an ice ball and [the producer] had Bryn [that’s Rob Roy bartender Bryn Lumsden] carve one in under 55 seconds.

Apte continues:
Woodinville whiskey was in the house too. I have had some of their white dog [unaged whiskey] aging in a barrel since March, so we had tastes of that. Steve [McKenna], Zane’s sidekick, took some shots of it—at 120 proof. Yikes!

A few weeks back I mentioned that the nation-spanning bar crawl Drinking Made Easy would soon be shooting in Seattle. Sauced commenters engaged in a fun round of "what bars should it feature?" And the producers of Drinking Made Easy apparently agreed with one of their picks, Rob Roy in Belltown.

The show shot a segment Tuesday night at the Belltown bar, according to a reliable tipster.

DME continues taping today, Wednesday. I’m currently trying to confirm one of today’s locations, if you want to share any info or sightings feel free to email me at [email protected] or leave a comment here. Together, we can do this!

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