Local restaurants deemed worthy of Wine Enthusiast’s list: Canlis and the Herbfarm.

Photo: winerychefs.com

The August 2011 issue of Wine Enthusiast features the magazine’s picks for the top 100 wine restaurants in the country.

The West Coast had a good show thanks to California—25 restaurants from that state made the list (including RN74, the San Fran wine bar with a new outpost in downtown Seattle. We know you’ll pull one out for us next year, RN74 Seattle.)

California even beat out New York, which had 21 restaurants on the list. (Slackers.)

Washington had two. Those are: Canlis in Seattle and the Herbfarm in Woodinville. Oregon matched that number: Portland City Grill and Beast—the name of the latter restaurant gained new significance after we watched chef-owner Naomi Pomeroy yell at her father on Top Chef Masters—were both included in the top 100. I’m just kidding about Naomi Pomeroy, by the way. I adored watching her on that show; she pumped much needed blood into an otherwise torpid season. Plus, I loved that a Northwest chef was the most assertive competitor this time around. How you like us now, America?

Anyway, go ahead and read the full list if you like.

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