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Evan Martin Takes Over as Bar Manager at Ba Bar

No more Daniel Jeffers at Ba; Jason Saura now managing Naga.

July 18, 2011

Evan Martin (pictured here at Naga) leaves Bellevue for Ba Bar.

Photo: Facebook

Some Monday morning bartender news for you: Evan Martin worked his last shifts as bar manager at Bellevue’s Naga Cocktail Lounge this weekend. Beginning in August, he’ll be taking over fulltime as bar manager at Ba Bar, the Vietnamese noodle bar from Eric Banh (Monsoon, Monsoon East, Baguette Box) that opened earlier this month at 550 12th Avenue.

“We will have a new menu [of] classics with summer in mind and another menu out shortly that will be a better taste of what to expect at Ba Bar,” says Martin. “Even though sticking to one particular theme has been the biggest trend over the last couple years, that won’t be us.”

Instead, the menu will be a mix of classics, tiki drinks, and original cocktails, some of which will incorporate ingredients common to Vietnamese cuisine because: “there are some flavors that are too good and interesting to avoid.”

Martin says Daniel Jeffers, who moved from San Francisco to open Ba Bar, is no longer with the company. This news follows some confusion surrounding Jeffers’ employment history in San Francisco.

Naga ’tender Jason Saura is now managing that bar.

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