Columbia City Bakery’s CSA for Carb Lovers Now Offered Year Round

Next up: a second delivery day each week, says owner Evan Andres.

By Jessica Voelker July 7, 2011

Columbia City Bakery: now delivering the loaves all year long.

Photo: Columbia City Bakery via Facebook

About a year ago, Columbia City Bakery owner Evan Andres introduced the CSB program (like a CSA, only you get baked goods instead of vegetables), dropping off breads and desserts to sites around the city on Tuesdays—the bakery’s slowest day.

The service was planned as a way to move bread during the farmers market off-season. But Andres recently started offering year-round delivery and says if the program grows large enough, he’ll deliver on Mondays too.

The CSB costs $17 a week (the minimum commitment is $136 for eight weeks of delivery) and for that members receive two loaves of bread and a sweet baked that very morning. They can hand-pick their orders online or leave the choices up to the bakery. The latter option offers the opportunity to taste the full inventory of Columbia City baked goods, minus those that don’t travel well. Croissants, Andres points out, make poor deliverables.

There are currently about 45 slots open in the CSB. Check out the bakery’s website to learn about drop-off spots and how to join.

Curious, I asked Andres if he knew of any other bakeries following a CSA model. He was aware of a bakery in Vermont doing something similar, he said, as well as a desserts delivery service in Olympia.

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