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One Night Only: Bastille Day Cocktails at Sun Liquor

The duo of Capitol Hill bars present a special menu to celebrate French independence.

July 13, 2011

Sun Liquor’s Bastille Day menu.

Seattle is really doing it up for Bastille Day this year, is it not?

The situation reminds me of one I encountered previously. That scenario was aptly described by this kid from Boston who lived across the hall from me my freshman year in college. His name was Steve. Early on in our year of proximate habitation, I remember Steve loudly celebrating the sheer number of keg parties that he, a new college student, was suddenly able to attend. “You got paahdies ovah here, paahdies ovah they-ah! Where yah gonna paahdy toonight, dude?” No joke, that’s how he talked. And he was right. There were a lot of parties, just as there will be in Seattle tomorrow night.

And if wine and Parisian street food do not strike you as ideal consumables with which to celebrate French independence, maybe craft cocktails do?

Sun Liquor is counting on it. It has designed a special Bastille Day cocktail menu that will be offered at both Capitol Hill locations on Thursday, July 14.

I included it here for your perusal. Vive La France, and so forth.

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