The Weekly Spread: Marination’s Nunya Sauce

What makes this zesty condiment so dang…zesty? Nunya business, say its inventors. We asked anyway.

By Jessica Voelker June 6, 2011

Nunya-enhanced treats from Marination.

Photo: Nick Feldman

The condiment in question Marination Mobile’s Nunya Sauce.

Made by The good people of Marination Mobile and Marination Station, who serve up Korean-Hawaiian hybrid food (kimchi quesadillas, spam sliders, kalbi tacos) from their traveling food cart and inside their restaurant above the Pike/Pine QFC on Broadway.

How much do they make of it each day? “Buckets and buckets,” reports Kamala Saxton, who runs the business with partner Roz Edison. “Enough to power a mobile truck road trip to the moon.”

Before launching MM, Saxton and Edison tested the recipe on their friends until they had it just right. "Our friends are a tough crowd! But they pushed us to do better and better before launching the truck, rather than nodding and smiling and wishing us well. A lot of them eat for free now. "

Made with “We call it Nunya Sauce, as in nunya bidness,” says Saxton. Though she admits it has mayo, gochujang, garlic, and green onions, plus “a bunch of other spices.” Secret nunya-business spices.

Available MM’s Nunya Sauce is served on its sliders and its tacos, and soon it will be sold by the 8oz jar. At that point you can buy it and put it on whatever you dang well please.

Parting thought Saxton asked Marination’s Twitter followers to name foods that they liked to eat with Nunya sauce. Here’s what one of them said:

Nunya sauce on umm … EVERYTHING? green salad, stir fry, hotdogs!!! po’dog x marination collab??

From your Twitter feed to God’s ears, Marination Mobile Twitter follower.

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