The corner of 14th and Union on Capitol Hill, pre Skillet Diner and Marjorie.

Last week Nosh shared news of Lucky 8, a 25-seat Chinese restaurant set to open in October a stone’s throw from the new Skillet Diner, to which one commenter posted the reply (or rather, request):

Pleeease have some healthier options (vegetables, whole grains, not fried, vegetarian/vegan). This corner of Capitol Hill is overflowing with restaurants serving novelty [sic] ridiculous amounts of meat and cream and grease. You’ll do well and corner the market with actual fresh food.

As a point of reference, that neck of the woods is home to a diverse spread of eateries: Spinasse, Meza, the aforementioned Skillet Diner, Lark, Cafe Presse, Marjorie, and High 5 Pie, to name some.

Are they meaty? Sure. Besotted with down-home dining? Maybe. But lacking in fresh fare?

What say you? Does this commenter have a point?

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