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Is Capitol Hill Too Laden with Comfort Food?

Specifically, the area around 14th and Union? A reader suggests as much.

By Christopher Werner June 21, 2011

The corner of 14th and Union on Capitol Hill, pre Skillet Diner and Marjorie.

Last week Nosh shared news of Lucky 8, a 25-seat Chinese restaurant set to open in October a stone’s throw from the new Skillet Diner, to which one commenter posted the reply (or rather, request):

Pleeease have some healthier options (vegetables, whole grains, not fried, vegetarian/vegan). This corner of Capitol Hill is overflowing with restaurants serving novelty [sic] ridiculous amounts of meat and cream and grease. You’ll do well and corner the market with actual fresh food.

As a point of reference, that neck of the woods is home to a diverse spread of eateries: Spinasse, Meza, the aforementioned Skillet Diner, Lark, Cafe Presse, Marjorie, and High 5 Pie, to name some.

Are they meaty? Sure. Besotted with down-home dining? Maybe. But lacking in fresh fare?

What say you? Does this commenter have a point?

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