The Willows Lodge in Woodinville

Photo: The Willows Lodge

So, dining deals are everywhere these days and not all of them are very exciting. But this one got my attention because luxury hotels are involved and luxury hotel deals are, let’s face it, kinda irresistible.

What happens is that you and one other person eat dinner at BOKA (Downtown), Barking Frog (Woodinville), and The Hunt Club (First Hill). You bring this passport thingy with you, show it to your server. He/she stamps it and gives you a free round of champagne with dinner. When you have a passport in your possession with all three spots stamped, you then receive a free night’s stay at The Hotel 1000, Willows Lodge, or the Sorrento.

Alternatively, you can earn the night’s stay but then give it away to be used for charity fundraising purposes. Because you’re generous like that.

All the info is here.

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