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Zig Zag’s Kacy Fitch on Life After Murray

Attention bartender’s assistants: an opportunity awaits.

May 26, 2011

Erik Hakkinen moves to center stage.

Following the news that Murray Stenson was leaving Zig Zag for RN74 Seattle, Hanna Raskin of Seattle Weekly called up Zig Zag owner Kacy Fitch today to ask about life after Murray.

Raskin learned that plans include hiring a bartender’s assistant to help out Erik Hakkinen and Ben Perri behind the bar.

Hakkinen has been considered something of a Murray protege around town, though Stenson says he never saw it that way.

"I learn as much from Erik as he learns from me,” he told Seattle Met’s James Ross Gardner back in 2009. “Erik’s very deceptive. He’s half my age. And he’s way knowledgeable.”

Of predictions that Stenson’s final shifts at Zig Zag would draw massive crowds, Fitch told Raskin: "We’re always busy on Thursday and Friday. There’s not much more volume we can do."

Phew, five Zig Zag posts in one day. Who needs a cocktail?

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