Yes, Oddfellows Still Makes Doughnuts

You just have to know when to go.

By Christopher Werner May 19, 2011

Rest assured, Austin Hicks is still doing doughnuts for Oddfellows.

You may remember several months ago Nosh Pit set out to name Seattle’s best doughnuts. And you may recall one of the winners, pictured here, came from the kitchen of Oddfellows on Capitol Hill.

More than a few readers ventured to the cafe to give the cinnamon and sugar old fashioned a taste, only to discover the doughnuts weren’t on offer. What’s up with that? the denied ones wondered.

I chatted with baker Austin Hicks this morning and asked him the same thing. Hicks explained the cakes are only available on weekends. He fries up two or three dozen, puts them out at 10am, and they usually sell out around noon. So you have to hustle if you want one (and you do, they’re delicious, as are the chocolate ganache with sprinkles). Hicks also mentioned he’s had a bit of turnover in staff so during the kerfuffle the schedule went wonky. But all is good again, he assures.

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