Molly Wizenberg is one of Gourmet Live’s “Game-Changers.” Photo courtesy University of Washington

Molly Wizenberg is at it again, doing Seatown proud and keeping company with the Great Ones.

Late last week Gourmet Live published a list of 50 Women Game-Changers, a rundown of "the most important women in food. Period." On it are writers, editors, TV personalities, and toques from around the world, from years past and today. Claiming the twentieth spot is Seattle’s Wizenberg. Gourmet writes: Orangette, a blog circa 2004, has great, accessible recipes, and Wizenberg famously spun a book deal (A Homemade Life), a restaurant (Seattle’s Delancey), and a husband (Brandon) out of the blog. Not in that order—and, as she winningly relates, unintentionally.

Hazard a guess as to who is No. 1?

P.S. Wizenberg is speaking at a UW fundraiser on May 26 should you care to hear the game changer speak.

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