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Molly Wizenberg among Gilt Taste Contributors

She’s one busy girl.

By Christopher Werner May 19, 2011

Molly Wizenberg barely had time to pose for this photo.

Chances are by now you’ve scoped out Gilt Taste, the edible offshoot of the wildly popular online marketplace Gilt Groupe. The site just launched yesterday, and behind it is a corps of culinary heavyweights (Ruth Reichl, Melissa Clark, Francis Lam) plus an also-impressive list of contributors. Notice a familiar name on that roster?

It seems Seattle’s Molly Wizenberg, Orangette blogger, Delancey co-owner, A Homemade Life author, will pen prose for Gilt while also drafting a new memoir for Simon & Schuster, named for the Ballard pizzeria.

Molly, care to share any time management tips? We’re all ears.

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