Holiday Drinking

Five Cinco de Mayo Suggestions

The day has come, let’s do this thing.

By Jessica Voelker May 5, 2011

Margaritas at the Saint. Always pretty fun.

Still no plans? Here are some options to consider, organized in the form of a countdown (though a rather meaningless one. It mostly depends what you’re looking to do.)

5. La Casa Azul
Way up Greenwood Avenue, this ever-underrated Mexican restaurant has excellent food—including moles made by the owner’s family in Mexico then Fed Exed here. It also sells very serviceable margaritas by the pitcher. I like the strawberry.
Best for Hungry people (servings are huge) and families.

4. The Saint
It’ll be busy, but it’s always fun in that bar.
Best for Party people.

3. Bottleneck
You know how couples have to choose whose family they’ll visit on holidays? Bottleneck is the bar equivalent of the low-key side of the family, the one that tells you to grab whatever you want from the kitchen and does a buffet at dinner that’s eaten in front of cable television and never asks if the sheets were too scratchy or whatever. (The sheets usually are a little scratchy, the price you pay for the privilege of watching an America’s Next Top Model marathon on Christmas Day and not getting judged for it).

It’s a neighborhood bar that likes to celebrate stuff like Cinco de Mayo—there will be a special taco bar tonight—but not, you know, get to crazy. Always a good option.
Best for People who want to wear sweatpants to the bar and not be judged for it, people who live in the neighborhood.

2. The Noble Fir noble fir/
It’s centrally located on Ballard Avenue, and as I mentioned yesterday it has tapped a special jalapeno-infused beer from Two Beers.
Best for Beer people and people who have the wreckless notion of going out to Carta de Oaxaca on Cinco de Mayo only to discover a long line of people who had the same notion hovered outside the door. I wish Carta would accept reservations.

1. Barrio (on Capitol Hill or Bellevue)
One time a friend of mine was going to dinner at Barrio and he couldn’t remember the name of it. “You know, that condo-people place,” he said. Cue rolling eyeballs. Capitol Hill people dismiss Barrio for being too corporate for the neighborhood but have you eaten there lately? The food is really very good. And the drinks are way more interesting than what’s on offer at your typical tequila bar. I say go, fight the crowd, and order some cocktail you’ve never had before.
Best for People who like cocktails that taste good and people who live in Bellevue.

And now, just because it’s Cinco de Mayo and because we can, let’s revisit David Granger’s description of drinking a Skinny Girl Margarita.

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