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A Quick Chat with Murray Stenson about the RN74 Move

"Zig Zag is a young man’s bar," says Stenson.

May 26, 2011

Murray Stenson at Zig Zag

Why is Murray Stenson moving to RN74 Seattle from Zig Zag Café?

I just had a quick phone chat with him and asked.

“I’d been at Zig Zag for 10 years,” he said. “I’m looking to simplify. I’m really old, and Zig Zag is a young man’s bar.”

The amazing amount of attention the bar has received in the national press has led to bigger and bigger crowds. A good problem to have for a bar, but something Stenson’s ready to do without.

“It’s a monster,” he said. “The move will be good for my blood pressure. And I can spend more time with my family.”

So will he be working less?

“Not necessarily. I’m penciled in for four 10 hour shifts and talking to some other bars about picking up two extra shifts.”

And won’t the crowds that flock to Zig Zag to see him just overwhelm the bar at RN74 as well?

“I don’t think it’s possible. The bar is much smaller over there, and the accent [at RN74] is more on food than drink.”

RN74 opens June 13 at 1433 Fourth Avenue. Rajat Parr is the wine director. Michelle Retallack is executive chef.

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