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Win Seattle Cheese Festival’s Grilled Cheese Competition

With these tips from a pro.

By Christopher Werner April 14, 2011

Perfectly toasted, with just enough melt…This guy has the makings for a Seattle Cheese Festival winner.

A grilled cheese—so simple in concept!—is sometimes a toughie to pull off. The flavor of the cheese falls flat, the bread becomes butter-sodden goop, the crust chars… It can get ugly.

Ugly will not win you top honors with Seattle Cheese Festival ’s grilled cheese contest, the annual search for the city’s best recipe (submissions are due May 1; email them to [email protected]). What will? Keep reading.

Before last year’s competition I got a coaching from Thierry Rautureau of Rover’s and Luc; he had just whipped up an exemplary grilled gooey for the Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef Masters, so was a fulsome source.

Among Thierry’s tips: skip the butter and melt taleggio on the outside of the bread. What else? Keep reading.

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