Top Pot represents on this week’s episode of Unique Sweets. Photo courtesy Top Pot

Last Sunday, it was High 5 Pie making a cameo on the Cooking Channel show Unique Sweets. This week, it’s Top Pot. The local rolling pin is featured on a segment dubbed “Breakfast Sweets,” informs co-owner Mark Klebeck, and it airs May 1 at 7:30.

Klebeck also mentions he heard Macrina Bakery and Trophy Cupcakes are slated for upcoming episodes.

Let’s not forget a week ago food truck favorite Where Ya at Matt got considerable airtime during an Eat St. spot (the show is also put on by Cooking Channel), and word has it Marination Mobile and Maximus Minimus will get their turn, too.

Which boils down to one conclusion: Cooking Channel

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