High 5 Pie

MOVE OVER maple-bacon doughnuts and adorable buttercream-bomb cupcakes—the next big thing in desserts is pie, and it’s here, and it’s hot, and here’s where.

A la Mode Pies

Who needs bricks and mortar when you’ve got this particular gift with butter and sugar? A la Mode is Seattle’s first online pie service; if you click just right you can practically smell the tart key lime, the apple and ginger and pear, the coconut-kissed blueberry—all encased in careful, glorious buttery crusts and delivered, no extra charge, to your door. alamodeseattle.com

Dahlia Bakery

Yeah, yeah, Tom Douglas’s uberrich triple-coconut cream pie you know about; so cultish in popularity it’s available in the regular nine-inch size or a “baby” (serves two to four) or a slice or even a $2.50 bite. But the Dahlia Bakery also does up a seasonal pie or two, including a custardy, nuanced, stunningly crusted pumpkin pie in fall that took top honors in our Thanksgiving pie tasting. 2001 Fourth Ave, Downtown, 206-441-4540; tomdouglas.com

High 5 Pie

What this sanitized mod bakery in the condos of Pike/Pine lacks in the way of comfort crust—it’s sharp and shardy—it makes up for in variety of pie type. Here you can probe the distinctions in crust-to-filling ratios from “piejars” (pie baked into a mason jar) to the mile-wide pie (serves 40), and thank the pie gods someone had the good sense to invent the bag of cinnamony crust sticks called pie fries. 1400 12th Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-695-2284; high5pie.com


You may not think first of this longtime coffee cake-and-pastry bakery for pie, but you should: Leslie Mackie’s got a way of turning buttery pastry into flawless, crispy flakiness, particularly winning with pumpkin filling or, even better, maple sugar and apples. 2408 First Ave, Belltown, 206-448-4032. 615 W McGraw St, Queen Anne, 206-283-5900. 1943 First Ave S, SoDo, 206-623-0919; macrinabakery.com


This cheerful Fremont joint is one impressive newbie, with an array of daily-changing handheld pies both savory (try the thymey chicken potpie or, for kids, a giddy mac-and-cheese-with-peas version) and sweet (lordy, the pear-ginger). Look for discounted pie happy hour 2 to 3pm every day. 3515 Fremont Ave N, Ste B, Fremont, 206-436-8590; sweetandsavorypie.com

Seattle Pie Company

The headliner in the countrified knotty pine Magnolia bakery is the Deserted Island Pie—an inspired, if sugary, combo of marionberries, raspberries, strawberries, and Granny Smiths—but the stunner is the marionberry pie, tart-sweet and extraordinary. Alyssa Lewis makes her crusts with leaf lard, the light, ephemerally crumbly gold standard of pie pastry. 3111 W McGraw St, Magnolia, 206-217-4743; seattlepiecompany.com

Shoofly Pie Co.

At this West Seattle pie specialist the star is blackberry-raspberry pie, but anything inside these shattering golden crusts tastes extraordinary, fluffy pumpkin to banana cream loaded with thin nickels of fruit. Bake-at-home chicken potpies leave bottom crusts gummy; no one will stop gobbling long enough to protest. 4444 California Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-938-0680; shooflypiecompany.com

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