Hey Broadway Rite-Aid: You got some yummy neighbors

This week marks the grand opening of a new Euro-nosh joint on Capitol Hill that’s already been open awhile: Cafe Kanape at Broadway and Roy, up on north Broadway by Deluxe Bar and Grill and the inimitable Poppy. Owner Sabine Ruthensteiner has crafted a menu of Eastern European salads and nibbles (shrimp with red caviar, egg, and dill) and Parisian crepes, along with cocktails, beers, wines, and espresso.

If you haven’t been there in awhile, things are bubbling on the Hill—from Pike/Pine’s new Eltana Montreal-style bagel shop and High-5 Pie to North Capitol Hill’s Hawaiian Pau Hana and the burger joint, Easy Joe’s Diner .

Look this spring for a third location of Samurai Noodle to open on Broadway—and oh how we love Samurai Noodle —along with (this is cool) a noodle house from Monsoon and Baguette Box genius Eric Banh.

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