Pints will be drunk a’plenty at the Chieftain.

Photo courtesy Celtic by Design

Irish publicans Peter and Adrianna Johnson, who own both McGilvra’s in Madison Park and Finn MacCools in the University District, have a third pub planned at 908 12th Avenue (between Spring and Marion Streets).

Called the Chieftain, the 3,600 square-foot pub has been named both in homage to the clannish history of the Emerald Isle as well as the former Seattle University mascot. (SU did away with the Chieftain symbol, in favor of the more politically correct Redhawk, in 2000). When I spoke with Peter Johnson, I did not confirm whether or not music recorded by the band called the Chieftains would be often audible inside the Chieftain pub, but I think we can probably assume that it will.

Just as Finn MacCools draws the UWers, Johnson hopes the Chieftain will lure in the Seattle U students. He is himself a Jesuit Catholic with a strong connection to the school. But he also wants to cater to Capitol Hill’s more mature denizens, who may not necessarily be tempted with the weekly quiz night or the dedicated game room.

How will he do this? With a pizza-centric menu heavy on vegetarian and vegan options, he says, plus an outdoor deck for warm days and, (code allowing), a big toasty fireplace for cold ones.

Johnson hopes to open the Chieftain within the space of three months.

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