Dot’s Delicatessen to Open in Fremont

Miles James of Seattle Sausage Company goes brick and mortar.

By Christopher Werner February 25, 2011

Miles James of Seattle Sausage Company is opening Dot’s Delicatessen in Fremont. Photo courtesy Seattle Sausage

Fremont and 43rd is about to get even meatier. Dot’s Delicatessen is set to open sometime this spring next to new carnivore darling Uneeda Burger at 4262 Fremont Avenue.

Miles James is the guy behind the venture. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, this bit might: In the past year he’s drawn crowds in SoDo, who flock for the franks he shills from his cart, Seattle Sausage Company.

James describes Dot’s not so much as a traditional butcher shop but a place where patrons will come for lunch—the menu will include hot dogs, Belgian frites, muffuletta—then leave with cuts of meat or the handmade sausages, terrines, and pates he’ll stock. “It’ll be good, high-end stuff, but not overfussed.”

Also lining the deli will be variety of specialty items—baguettes, he offered—to complement those provisions. James will likely carry dry-cured grub, but not to start (health code yadayads).

Years in the restaurant industry sparked James’s interest in charcuterie. His resume includes stints at Gramercy Tavern in New York City, and here in Seattle, Campagne and two erstwhile greats: Union, which he helped open, and Cremant, where he was sous chef. He’s currently clocking in at Lecosho, an apposite employer, considering the meaty menu.

As for Seattle Sausage Company, James hopes to lease it or use it for catering purposes. James noted he launched the street venture last year as means of catching the eye (and buds) of investors. It seems any who heeded made a wise decision.

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