The Sauced Gulpable Gift Guide 2010

The Gulpable Gift Guide #5: Ice Sphere Molds

This year: Fancy ice balls for everyone!

December 10, 2010

The ice sphere mold from Muji. You pour the water in through a hole in the top.

Muji makes an inexpensive ice sphere mold that is an awesome gift for anyone who likes to sip straight spirits and also has an appreciation for life’s little novelties.

The ice balls that emerge from this silicon mold are not perfectly round. They tend to flatten out a bit on one side. To experience perfect spheres in Seattle one has to learn Japanese ice-carving techniques or go to a bar like Vessel or MistralKitchen.

But the three-by-three Muji mold is only $11.75, after all. And let’s not forget that the planet Earth—the only home we’ve ever had—is not perfectly round either. At least not according to NASA anyway, and NASA is like completely obsessed with planets. So it would know.

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Oh and you can also get ice sphere molds locally at Daiso, but I can’t vouch for those. But you should definitely go to Daiso anyway because it’s so fun to do that.

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